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M S Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (MS CIIE) is established in the year 2018 is envisioned to nurture young scholars to develop industry related knowledge by synergizing and leveraging strands of innovation, incubation and entrepreneurship by facilitating industrial interactions, accelerating creativity and commercialization of products in rural technologies, industrial sectors of agriculture and medical and social impact. The center supports MSEC students, staff members, alumni, faculty, R&D partners and regional innovators. The innovations, incubation and entrepreneurs developed at MS CIIE will contribute to solving socio-economic development challenges and complement the central and state government’s effort of transforming the national economy through employment and wealth creation.


Vision, Mission, Philosophy and Objectives of the Centre



Profitable, sustainable and affordable incubation and entrepreneurship center


Nurture, mentor and accelerate innovators on research, business and social impact of entrepreneurship




            The center is founded on the philosophy of idea stimulation, incubation and enterprising of science and technology innovations for economic development



The core objective of the center is to avail an enabling environment for the development of business ideas for incubation, innovation, acceleration, dissemination and commercialized to create wealth for posterity. In particular to:

·       Stimulate culture of innovation, creativity, business process and product design knowledge

·        Support and accelerate the development of innovations into prototype products with emphasis on societal impact and market demand 

·         Incubate innovators or companies to commercial independence


·         Generate funds to sustain affordable MS CIIE


MS CIIE comprises of:


·     Institution for Innovation Council (IIC) recognized by MHRD, Government of Karnataka aims to encourage, inspire and nurture young students by exposing them to new ideas and processes resulting in innovative activities in their formative years.

·       Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development Cell (IEDC) sponsored by NSTEDB, Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India aims to inculcate a spirit of innovation by organizing design competition and provides financial assistance to students in developing prototypes for their ideas


·        Technology Business Incubator (TBI) which aims to provide support for products, services or process ideas towards commercialization



Major Activities at MS CIIE 

·   Establishing cordial relations with stake holders, industries, academic institutions, research organizations, NGOs, local population and government agencies in and around institution premises for understanding day to day challenges

·     Creating a collaborative environment between industry and academia through joint research projects and consulting assignments

·     Incubating early stage technology based innovative entrepreneurial ventures

·     Encouraging and enabling the alignment of R&D activities to potential needs of the industry

·     Identifying technologies/innovations which have potential for commercial ventures

·     Physical infrastructure and support systems creation for business incubation activities

·     Foster and promote entrepreneurship spirit

·     Facilitate knowledge creation, innovation and entrepreneurship activities

·     Facilitate networking with professional resources, which include mentors, experts, consultants and advisors for the incubate companies


·     Enabling development of high quality personnel and motivating researchers to grow professionally 

Value added services offered by the MS CIIE 


·    Students, staff members and alumni are involved in design competition and idea generation process by field survey and a data base of products with societal impact and  business potential is prepared.

·        Start-ups are being counseled, mentored, given technical and business advices by experts and respective faculties of the institution.

·        3-tier counseling and mentoring for startups is adopted for successful business process


·         Along with supporting agencies and programs at MSEC MS CIIE supports innovators by


i.                   Mentoring (round the clock)

ii.                 Technical support (Design, Simulations, Development and Testing)

iii.               Financial support (Seed Support, Innovation, Refinement & Commercialization Grant)

iv.                Legal advices are given with the help of Intellectual Property.

v.                  Fabrication Assistance through MSEC established labs.

vi.                Market Information (Product Development Strategies, Business Intelligence and Business Architecture)


vii.              Networking with Research Laboratories (For Knowledge diffusion and day to day interactions).


Advisory Board


The Advisory Board provides policy direction, source for funds and promotes the Centre development initiatives at regional and global arenas. The Centre has an Advisory Board comprising of:






Shri. Muniswamy Raju K.

President, MSEC


Shri. Sudarshan Raju M.

Secretary, MSEC

Chief Advisor

Dr. K. S. Badarinarayan

Principal, MSEC

Chief Mentor

Dr. Cyril Prasanna Raj P.

Prof., CIT


Dr. Venkateshappa

Prof. Reva University


Dr. Thiruvikraman C



Ms. Surabhi 


Student Coordinator

Ms. Geetha Ramamurthy

Director, InC


Dr. Javeed

Consultant, Terminus


Mr. Shree Harsha

IP Consultant, Tech Trans


Mr. Narendra Kumar

Director, Ulectron

Alumni Member



The Centre is managed by a Director who is responsible for day to day running of the Centre under general direction of the Principal and Management. In particular, the Director provides strategic, managerial and operational leadership at the Centre including coordination of routine activities, development and implementation of centre policies, procedures and action plans. Further, the Director coordinate talent search, link the industry mentors/collaborators and innovators/incubators as well as develop funding proposals for the Centre activities and manage funded projects and programmes.


Call for Ideas

The Centre invites innovative and creative ideas from staff, students and other interested parties with a view of supporting the development of the same into viable commercial product. Potential innovators are requested to consult with the Centre Director for additional information. Meanwhile, potential innovators can reach the Centre Director on 080 41215454 or 9448686332 in R&D Block, Room RD01 for any enquiry or send email to

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