Total Books in the Library: Department wise

Sl. No. Departments No. of Titles No. of Volumes
1 ECE 1011 5462
2 CSE/ISE 856 4959
3 EEE 105 650
4 ME 641 3294
5 Civil 82 502
6 Basic Science 456 2884
7 MCA 178 1275
8 MBA 1068 2799
9 M. Tech - CSE 31 108
10 M.Tech - VLSI 38 164
11 M.Tech - Machine Design 34 140
Total   4,500 22,237


No. of Titles 4,500
No. of Volumes 22,237
Reference Books 8,104
SC/ST Book Banks 1,923
No. of Non Books 1,809
No. of News Papers 10
No. of Periodicals Nation 83, International 27

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Overview of Facilities & Policies

The MSEC Central Library aims to providing access to its Printed resources such as Books, Journals and Magazines as well as Electronic Resources for the use of faculty and Students at the college campus.
Opening Hours
The Central Library is available for the use of all members of MSEC. Its Working hours are 9.00am to 4.15pm Monday through Saturday.
Newly Arrived Books & Periodicals
Newly arrived journals and Magazines cannot be issued out of the Library before a specified period. All Journals, magazines or Newspapers subscribed by the Library are not being issued before the period specified on the item.
Online Journals/Resources
MSEC Central Library subscribes to online full text Journals & Resources. It regularly adds new Journals & Resources to the Collection for the benefits & easy access to all the users. This service is available to all M.S.Engineering College Network users.
External Users/Visitors
External users from other Institutions or College are allowed to use the Library on a Letter from their Institution or College. External users are not permitted to issue Library items. Other Visitors to the Library may use it provided a staff member introduces them to the Librarian. The Concern Staff member is responsible for the Visitor. Externals users and visitors are allowed to use the Library only during office hours.
Role of Library Staff in helping users
During Normal Working hours the Librarian & other Library Staff will assist the users. They will also assist in obtaining necessary reference material for individual users. The Library will provide necessary service to obtain personal subscription or book purchases for faculty and Students.
Code of Conduct

•  Library is a place of Individual study, Library members should maintain an atmosphere of dignity, peace and silence within the Library.

•  When you entering the Library, should enter your Sign in the Usage Register.

•  Talking is strictly prohibited in the Library.

•  Borrowing materials without a valid Library Identity card number is prohibited.

•  Not permitted to use another Library Identity Card.

•  Students must take care of Library Materials and must not deface then by underlining, writing or drawing in them by removing any part of

•  Do not reshelf books, periodicals etc., leave them on the tables properly after use.

•  Absence and illness excuse are not acceptable for exemption from paying an overdue charge.

•  The cost of replacement with double amount will be charged to the person for loss or damage the library materials.

•  Eatables are not allowed in the library Cell phones are to be set in the “OFF” or “VIBRATOR” mode prior to entering the Library.

Library Staff
Senior Librarian: Ramesh V., MLISc., M.Phil
Librarian: Umesh Kumar
Digital Library Information
Access online e-journals from IEEE, Delnet Organizational Membership & British Library Membership.


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